Spinning Wheels

Snapshot of the inside of my head:
I haven’t organized a saddleseat lesson.
I can’t find a horse to go look at, much less buy.
I haven’t followed through on my mysterious initiative with Rodney.
(We won’t even discuss my writing career, exercise plan, housekeeping regimen, or so on.)
I am a horrible person. I wallow in sloth. I don’t deserve the gifts I have been given. I’m too old. I’ve let too much time go by. I should go eat worms. Hello tailspin, how have you been?

Over on the rational half of my brain, I did the math. Mathilda takes 3 hours a day, minimum: two grazing sessions of an hour each, plus water breaks & meals. (Hubby changes the water buckets & cleans the pen.) Rodney’s heat therapy is another hour. That constitutes half a workday before I pick up a brush or do a single exercise.

I don’t bewail my fate to incite a pity party, although I will always take any brow mopping being offered. I say this outloud and online in an effort to remind &/or convince myself that there are legitimate reasons why I am pedaling madly with a slipped gear chain, rowing furiously with my boat tied to the dock, or whatever other dysfunctional transportation metaphor you care to employ.

Olympic Memories
My second clearest Olympic memory from Atlanta is of the horses. I can still see the French Eventing Team coming off the trailer projecting, “Nous sommes ici!” In the barns, the horses were vibrant, alert, curious. They looked as if riding them would be both a handful and a whole lot of fun. Either Olympic-level sport selects for this level of engagement or Olympic-level training brings it out.

My clearest Olympic memory is of two Big Name Riders having a shouting match on the path from the barns to the ring. BNR-A said, “I think, for once, you should do as you’re told.” and stomped off. BNR-B stood on the gravel looking small and stricken. I thought, you can’t yell at him, he has an Olympic medal.

What was your ‘They’re just people’ realization moment?

Gratuitous kitten shot

6 thoughts on “Spinning Wheels

  1. I’m with Bill – I’m grateful for the gratuitous cat photos! And you’re not alone with wheel spinning…I personally think they should think about this as an Olympic discipline. I have a high level of experience in wheel spinning! đŸ™‚ Good luck with all! Elizabeth

  2. I wonder whether the BNRs in question will remember that conversation as clearly as you do.

    Having interviewed most of the riders at one time or another I got the ‘just people’ message some time ago. Some I respect, some not so much, though I try not to reveal the latter when I’m trying to harvest quotes for an article.

    If anyone was suffering any illusions on the ‘just people’ front, then I think David Marcus’s horse’s meltdown in the dressage ring last week was enough to bring it home — we’ve all been there. Horses will keep you humble even if public opinion doesn’t.

    On a brighter note, I tack-checked Jessica Phoenix, fresh from her Olympic triumph, at a local horse trials yesterday, as she prepared to take a couple of young horses around a PreTraining level course. Gotta make a living.

  3. love the cat photos.
    I know you. have for a long time. you are a wonderful person and have done so much with your life. You helped me so much with my mare (R.I.P.), i wish you were around when I had my stallion (also R.I.P.). You gave me the confidence to keep on going out and finding fun places to ride. And some good memories, of which, i don’t have a lot. Remember the time Bently
    or was it jeepers? – this 16 hand bay TB jumped to the other side of Priney – all 14.2 hands of her – to protect him from that corogated plastic pipe? The look of disgust on her face was priceless. I don’t know whether i’ll be able to ride again – health as much as money – but i’ve got some good memories i wouldn’t have had but for you. You don’t give yourself enough credit, my friend.
    relax for a bit. meditate. do only what you absolutly have to and clear your mind of all else.. Listen to a CD of Native American flute music (I’ll send you one if you like). It’s very soothing.Just be.

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