Show Report, Alabama Charity Championship 2016, Riding

Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show October 15, 2016 Celebration Arena Priceville AL, USA With Callaway’s Sweet Daddy 100. Academy Showmanship WTC – Adult, 3rd of 5 101. Academy Equitation WTC – Adult, 1st of 5 104. Academy WTC Championship, 4th of 10. Highest placed of 3 adults Thank you to Courtney Huguley for the incredibleContinue reading “Show Report, Alabama Charity Championship 2016, Riding”

Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked

For those of you who wonder how to take revealing pictures of oneself on a horse. [Challenge] Have your horses at home. Have a pasture surrounded by dense foliage and fields. Hope none of your neighbors are hunting that day. Wear easily removable clothing – less time to undress equals less time to stress. HaveContinue reading “Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked”

My Thoughts On Posing Naked

Will You Take #TheNakedChallenge? on Horse Collaborative The Naked Challenge on Facebook I took the challenge [The Naked Challenge]. How did it go? + Husband/photographer immediately doubled down. If we were doing this, then we were doing it right: a) I had to be riding & b) it had to be clear I was buck-naked.Continue reading “My Thoughts On Posing Naked”

Helmets at Shows, Postscript

I have said this before but it bears repeating: the saddleseat world has been totally cool with my helmet. Helmets are not traditional saddleseat wear. Performance classes wear derbies or top hats, academy riders wear nothing. I, OTOH, wear an ASTM helmet with harness. I am nigh-on always in the minority, for both lessons andContinue reading “Helmets at Shows, Postscript”