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The Naked Challenge

rather helmet

Will You Take #TheNakedChallenge? on Horse Collaborative
The Naked Challenge on Facebook

Update, The Rest of the Naked Posts
[Do I Dare?]
[My Thoughts On Posing Naked]
[Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked]
[7 Answers]

Comments on: "The Naked Challenge" (5)

  1. Oh. My. Word. I quite forgot what was coming today and opened it up at breakfast! the chaffing! I can’t even imagine! That said, good to see you on Rodney. Ride on!;-)

  2. Not just another photo of Katherine on a horse. Amazingly brave. I am so proud.

  3. Will do my bit with the naughty bits the next time I’m near a horse! You did, so I will. Well done.

  4. Good for you!

  5. Well done! Such bravery. I hope it was a warm day!

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