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Over on Horse Collaborative, Haley Katherine Esparza takes an opposing viewpoint on the recent helmet safety awareness campaign. Not against safety, but against getting swept up into something to be regretted later. These are questions worth considering.

Upon reflection, why did I decide to drop trou [The Naked Challenge] & did it work?

  • To have something new to blog about. Success. This makes post #5 on the subject. [1,3,4]
  • To challenge my comfort zone. Definitely.
  • To say, Yes I do feel that strongly about wearing helmets. To what effect? Am I preaching to the choir?

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Bare It All for Helmet Awareness

1. Does my birthday suit violate the barn’s dress code?

At home. Not an issue. One benefit of life in the boonies is a lack of housing covenants.

2. Am I really ready for people to see that much of me?
“… down the road. Like when you’re interviewing for a high level job or applying to graduate school …”

This is aimed at young people, who tend to have more road in front of them & tend to take it less into account. When I was 16, I couldn’t imagine being 30. Now, I can’t remember it.

3. Would you actually rather go naked than not wear a helmet?
“It should reflect the choices you make in your everyday riding habits.”

I have helmet cred. Online, I have been yapping for years. IRL, I am a vox clamantis in an unhelmeted deserto.

4. Why am I doing it, and what do I want to accomplish?
“Every person deserves to feel sexy and love their body.”

So much no. Do people deserve to? Yes. Did I? So much no. I felt awkward during and appalled after. That much unfit, saggy flesh is horrifying. But then, I’m appalled at how I look on a horse when I have my clothes on.

5. But it’s like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, right?
“The ‘peer pressure’ element of nominating your friends seems a little more dangerous.”

Ignored this. Will happily support anyone who wants to join in. Can you say Naked Challenge guest post? Doesn’t have to be horses: motorcycles, bicycles, skis, or so on. However, it is a personal decision.

6. What other messages am I sending?
“If you don’t like people offering alternative uses for your crop and tall boots, it might be best to not actively feed into those stereotypes.”

Barefoot would have been thematic. Since it was at heart a safety message, I wore boots.

7. What other things can I do to increase helmet awareness?


5 thoughts on “7 Answers

  1. Representing; preaching and preaching. I’d say most people I know now ride with helmets. We taken lessons at a barn where helmets are mandatory. As for Ms Esparza’s position, well, I get where she is coming from, particularly when talking to the under-25s. If you’re taking off your clothes because you have always wanted to be nekked on the interwebs, you’re probably not sending the right message. But, if one person read your post, Katherine, saw your photo and made the connection, it was worth it.

  2. Agree with the above: I’m beyond the point where “future employers” will take notice, but the Bright Young Things need to be careful about what they post.

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