Show Report & Tweets: B&W Summer 2015

ASHAA Fun Show
B & W Stables
Hartselle AL, USA
Saturday, September 4, 2015

Academy Driving. Alvin & Katherine, 1st; Natalie & Greg, 2nd. 2 in class.
Academy Pleasure WTC Adult with Alvin Ailey, 1st of 3
Academy Equitation WTC Adult with Alvin Ailey, 2nd of 3
Thank you to the Wamble family, Ann Stanton, and Nicole Hardy for their marvelous horses.

Driving: Katherine
… Yay, second cart made the trip. I get to drive … Oh my, it’s been a while … Narrow ring … I’m going too slow … Well, I’ll have to save something for the extended trot anyway … Reverse? I guess we aren’t showing the bigger gear today. Better sell it in the second direction … Alvin, I hope you know where the rail is … Let’s go! … Wheeee-haaa …

Really, it’s all Alvin. I sit up and support.

Driving: Greg
When calling my first place, the announcer said, “Happy wife, happy life.” I disagree. Personal relationships stop at the ingate. Friends, family members, small children [Chattanooga: Class 89], you are chum to my shark attack.

First class: Several excellent lessons made me overconfident, plus a mite dismissive of the competition. I thought I was better than I was. Therefore, I tried to fix more than I was capable of at the moment. I wiggled.

Interim: I got an attitude adjustment. Or, in the words of my advisory council, Coach slapped me upside the head (metaphorically).

Second class: I sat still. Ish.

Back in 2012, I showed in my first saddle seat show, at this barn coincidentally, “In my first class, the verdict was that I was too ‘busy’ …. In the second class, I sat up and stayed quiet just like my trainer told me to.” [Sorta]

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I need to face the idea that I may work my butt off for the next two months [Tune-Up], yet still blow a raspberry at Nationals. The required skills may be too far outside of my wheelhouse. Energetic? Dynamic? Entertaining? All day long. Still? Pleasant? Harmonious? Never in my life.

Alternatively, learning to sit quietly may make me a more effective rider when form no longer counts.

Or both. Never rule out “both” as a possible answer.

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