Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked

For those of you who wonder how to take revealing pictures of oneself on a horse. [Challenge]

Have your horses at home. Have a pasture surrounded by dense foliage and fields. Hope none of your neighbors are hunting that day. Wear easily removable clothing – less time to undress equals less time to stress. Have a steady, reliable horse who won’t get upset at new circumstances.

Oh wait, we don’t have one of those.

Day 1: Cognitive Dissonance
Activity! Nerves! Stress! None of it directed at me!

Rodney did not know what to make of the photo shoot. We asked him to stand. He knows couch. He stood like a champ. All four legs solidly locked in park. From the shoulders back, he was a statue.

Rodney is a sensitive horse, particularly to any signs of anxiety in his vicinity. There was a certain level of anxiety in his vicinity. More so on the first day. From the shoulders forward, he was a mess: ducking his neck, pinning his ears, grinding his teeth. After a while, we called it a day. He was on overload. Composing himself afterward required generous pats and a liberal application of green grass.

rather helmet Rodney

Day 2: Happy Horse
I stand. They do weird sh*t. Got it.

Rodney was much more relaxed the next day. Too relaxed. He has a tendency to let it all hang out [Doctor Whooves]. His happy meter does not droop. It is set to ‘Wah-hoo, bring on the mares’. This turned the photos from tasteful to trashy.

[Photo withheld due to shortage of brain bleach.]

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4 thoughts on “Rodney’s Thoughts on My Posing Naked

  1. Yup. No choice. Had to wait for Rodney to adjust. Were planning for 3 or 4 days, if needed. Thought about dressed rehearsals, but wanted to replicate the anxiety level.

    An ASB, i.e. Sam, would have coped better, but no way was I doing this at the saddle seat barn in the open ring next to a public driveway.

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