Foto Friday: Doctor Whooves

When Sunday Stills called for Potluck as this week’s challenge, I’m reasonably sure no one was expecting this:

Rodney's Saga Dr Whooves

Dr scarf instr smRodney wearing a 411-centimeter, custom-knit, chromatically-accurate, Doctor Who scarf. Production details from the creator here.

Note for photographers: My goal for Foto Friday is technical merit as much as content. The foreshortening is not ideal and Rodney’s coat color could be richer. This shot ended being all about photostyling: getting the scarf to drape, making sure it was in the light, getting Rodney’s ears up, having a decent expression on his face, keeping my ugly barn out of the background, and so on.

Brohoof to his kin in Ponyville.

Update: Questions concerning this post posed here.

Update II: [My Doctor Whooves Scarf, The Origin Story, Guest Post]

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Doctor Whooves

  1. That is fabulous! Rodney looks very debonair. Just, if you decided to wash the scarf, COLD water, let dry flat. Otherwise, it will felt. I cannot stress enough that this wool does not like to be wet and agitated. Catlike, you might say.

  2. As a fellow horse photographer…the perky ears is a challenge in and of itself, if no one else is there to do circus tricks. Well played! Cute shot, love the horse…so pretty!

  3. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the 1970s and have an accurate copy of another version of the scarf, purchased from a knitter who used BBC directions.

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