Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves

The most anticipated class of the year is the costume class at the Stepping Stone Farm fall fun show. This year Michelle Duplichien talked me into it, or I talked her into it. History is not clear. We chose the Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover character Dr. Whooves. Seriously. Macho was a star about wearingContinue reading “Macho Dresses Up As Dr. Whooves”

Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post

  From the same hand that brought us Art Nouveau Horse.   Out of Creative Haven Nature Mandalas Coloring Book by Marty Noble (Facebook page). How is this My Little Pony? The image echoes the show’s color scheme, which hovers at the pink/purple end of the spectrum, albeit less pastel. MLP:FIM Wiki BTW, in GooglingContinue reading “Milton Meets My Little Pony, Guest Post”

Taste Vs. Authenticity

Derivation of this post: I asked the following question of a few folks. They thought that it was funny & that I should poll the group at large. So here we are. When put the photo from this post [Doctor Whooves] as my desktop background, I finally took a look at the non-scarf end ofContinue reading “Taste Vs. Authenticity”

Foto Friday: Doctor Whooves

When Sunday Stills called for Potluck as this week’s challenge, I’m reasonably sure no one was expecting this: Rodney wearing a 411-centimeter, custom-knit, chromatically-accurate, Doctor Who scarf. Production details from the creator here. Note for photographers: My goal for Foto Friday is technical merit as much as content. The foreshortening is not ideal and Rodney’sContinue reading “Foto Friday: Doctor Whooves”