Two Forward, One Back.

This Ferdinand moment is Mathilda grazing on her own in a little temporary pen we roped off in the corner of the pasture. One step closer to letting her out on her own, which is one step closer to resuming what used to pass for my life. We dug up a hank of old uncharged,Continue reading “Two Forward, One Back.”

Brickfair: day 1

Work: day off. Rider [c.t.] busy geeking out at Brickfair. (Image of Kermit with hands above head screaming wildly.) In honor of my LEGO weekend, here is a horse sculpture made out of those addictive plastic bricks. I’m not completely certain of Internet protocol on images, so will ask you to click thru. The styleContinue reading “Brickfair: day 1”

Peace Horse

(Apologies for the inadvertent preview this morning.) Work: 1/2+1/2x, heat therapy/groom Grade: n/a Not gonna see War Horse. I have enough issues with separation as is. Watching an entire movie on the subject is not my ideal afternoon. Plus, if I want to invite the devastation of war into my life, I’ll watch the news.Continue reading “Peace Horse”