Life Is A Zoo

Opening this = flashback to kidhood. This explains much.

Yeah! Second week in a row that I have been back to volunteer at the zoo [Serve]. I can’t go for as long as I used to and last week Hubby had to stay home, but it’s a small step toward reinstalling our regular routine.

Mathilda is past the 24/7 hoof-holding phase. She is self-sufficient in a wobbly, limited-space way. Our current conundrum is that our property was not designed to be a rehab facility. We were set up for a small herd to wander at will. We don’t have a range of stalls, lay-up stalls, small paddocks, and fields to offer an increasingly wider field of play as the patient’s mobility increases. Nor can we adequately separate two horses who don’t get along – or perhaps two horses who get along too well. (Silly slut!)

Back when I was on crutches after a foxhunting accident, I was astounded at how much stuff cluttered up our floors. It’s like that. We are having to retool mid-crisis. We have intentions of finishing the side field to use as a paddock but life keeps getting in the way. When life doesn’t, Mathilda does something spectacular and torpedoes the weekend.

Family zoo joke:
A man sees a friend in a car with three monkeys, “Why do you have monkeys in your car?’
His friend says, “They were left to me in a will. I don’t know what to do with them.”
The man tells his friend to take the monkeys to the zoo. The next days he sees the same friend, still with three monkeys in his car, “I thought you were going to take them to the zoo?”
“I did.” Said his friend, “They loved it. Today, we’re going to the movies.”
(Later – my mother says this joke is properly told with penguins. Google agrees. No idea where the monkeys came from.)

Know any zoo jokes?

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