Peace Horse

(Apologies for the inadvertent preview this morning.)

Work: 1/2+1/2x, heat therapy/groom
Grade: n/a

Not gonna see War Horse. I have enough issues with separation as is. Watching an entire movie on the subject is not my ideal afternoon. Plus, if I want to invite the devastation of war into my life, I’ll watch the news. Instead, allow me to offer what other folks have said. Warning, it was not a happy time, so discussions of same may not lead to happy dreams. Bob’s movie reviewSharon’s statuary commentary. Fran’s hoof level POV. If you want a fun horse movie, I recommend Sylvester. Gotta love watching The Gray Goose galloping around in the KY sunshine.

What is your favorite horse movie?

4 thoughts on “Peace Horse

  1. like that – Peace Horse!

    i agree with the sentiment. The movie may be quite a story about the reality of war, and not to denigrate or avoid such reality – but the news is overload enough for me !

  2. I think a person can choose not to see this movie – for any reason – and still lead a happy, fulfilling life. There are a bazillion ways for us to experience this noble creature, to learn about them and from them. We can appreciate them in every sense of the word without going to see War Horse. It’s very well done, it’s powerful, and people who are already in tune with horses will get more out of it then others, but in the end, it is just a movie.

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