Resuming the doom spiral.

Work: 1/2x heat therapy only
Grade: n/a

Our pattern is to groom before the afternoon session. On Tuesday, he was grazing next to the ring. It seemed silly to bring him into the barn just to turn around and come back. So I haltered & went directly to what passes for work. Mistake. Despite the fact that he was 10′ from where he had been grazing, that the mare was in the ring with him, and that the “work” consisted of wandering about at the walk, he – as my grandmother used to say – had a fit and stepped in it. He started to pull, rush, toss his head & generally demonstrate protomeltdown. When I let him go, he galloped back to the barn as fast as his hooves would carry him. This lack of a hint of a sign of a shadow of progress cast me once more into the wallows of despair. We are sticking with heating pad sessions, which generally put us back in charity with one another.

I am waiting until I find the enthusiasm to try again. So far I always do. At what point does this go from admirable to idiotic?

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