Happy Kid on a Happy Pony

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Which I am happy to give….
I am a graduate B from Potomac PC in Maryland & Upper Valley PC in Vermont, plus, when I didn’t duck too fast, DC of Potomac. I still use things I learned in PC. Every rider should start in Pony Club, at least thru C-2. Every graduate A that I have met, I would trust with my horse. As a DC, I saw kids blossom under the no-adult, teamwork barn rules.

….for a price.
In return for the space, the snark. Not all was sweetness and light. I wish the horse world was more integrated. I saw too many outside trainers who resented their students’s PC activities, and vice versa. PC should be a base for all riding, not a USPC ghetto.  Also, several times I ran afoul of the PC Powers That Be. I found they took themselves too seriously. History does not record what they thought of me. Well, in at least one place it does, but I ain’t telling.

Work: day off.

What is your fondest Pony Club memory?

One thought on “Happy Kid on a Happy Pony

  1. Pony Club camp (in England, MANY years ago). We ate in a huge marquee with a flagpole. On the final night, someone’s bra flew from the top. Then there was the giant stag beetle that fell from the rigging and landed in the sugar bowl … and a boatload of teen girls arguing over who got to sit next to the lone boy, a nerdy thing with specs and pimples, but he rode a horse, and he was all we had that week.

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