Boredom & Temptation

It is hard not to want to push the envelope, particularly when we are doing SO little. I think that in the past, people have seen a big horse and assumed a tough horse. In truth, he’s a cupcake. I find that he gets nervous & upset if he thinks that the work is going to be difficult or that he won’t understand. I’m trying to convince him that work can be easy. Really easy. Really, really easy.

What is your current riding temptation?

Work: walk/ground ex
Grade: gold star/bad day – apparently I am not convincing him of the above.

[A belated thank you to Writing From the Right Side of the Stall for the title. I got so excited about my initial posts that I forgot this.]

One thought on “Boredom & Temptation

  1. I am honoured and humbled. 😉

    We need a Rodney picture on the banner now that you’re all clever with the images and links and stuff.

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