Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.

Work: AM easy walk (even for us), PM ground exercises

Rodney and I are back to work, making progress at the speed of stalactite formation.  In rereading the blog, I realized that last Tuesday was only his fourth afternoon session since our restart. It doesn’t matter how inexplicable I find his fears. The gremlins are real to him & they’re not going away quickly.

Meanwhile, when my husband Greg served the evening meal last night, his arthritic, geriatric mare refused to eat. Wouldn’t touch her food. Wouldn’t touch her hay. For her, this is DefCon1. Alert the man with the backhoe. First order of business was to get her dinner out of the field so Rodney wouldn’t steal a second dinner during diagnosis. As Greg lifted the bucket, he realized that it was full of horse poop. She wouldn’t eat her grain for obvious reasons. She wouldn’t eat her hay because she ate her grain first, thank you very much, and would someone from room service please come clean up this mess so that she could eat her dinner?  It took a while for his pulse to stop redlining.

What was your most recent equine false alarm?

[Thanks to my Anonymous Critic for the idea to go graphic and to ClipartPal for the art.]

One thought on “Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.

  1. Lost our two equine seniors (nine months apart) last year to colic. One was a relatively peacefully planned exit after weeks of up and down, the other a horrifically traumatic and sudden ending. Last week I went out to feed the evening meal and found the young mare I’ve had for only 8 months (I got her after losing the senior mare and swearing I was DONE with this heartache) acting like she was having a colic episode. I nearly had a complete meltdown. Turns out she was OK … a mild tummy ache of unknown origin, but still. I went from totally rational to I-can’t-take-this-anymore-please-just-kill-me-now in a matter of 30 seconds or so. Yeah. I’m a little twitchy still, I guess. 😉

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