Gentlemen …

Work: AM heat therapy/walk, PM groom/ground exercises [box, plank, weave cones, reverse poles]

Engaging in what is becoming an annual tradition (BTR Jan 2011, final paragraph) of renaming my horse. Rodney as a stable name is here to stay. His show name is now Start Your Engine. Getting rid of previous show name because with less stomachache there is less Perpetual Motion. He’s still a Thoroughbred. No one is ever going to mistake him for calm. But he’s not hyperkinetic. SYE has nothing to do with him personally. During the season, our TV is permanently tuned to NASCAR. The call is my favorite part. Similarly, my favorite day at Rolex is the jog on Wednesday. I love the feeling of hope and good fortune, when every competitor is going to have a fast, clean, safe run. I’ve long thought SYE would be a cool name for a horse. If not now, when? Of course, nothing is final until a) I get a new Coggins & b) he starts his show career.

What is your favorite show name, real or imaginary?

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