Ground Exercise 3: Weave Cones

Work: AM heat therapy only, rider [a courtesy title] on disabled list. Cough. Sniffle.
Grade: n/a

Set up: 4 orange highway cones in a row, approximately 5′ apart.
Exercise: serpentine around cones.
If we ever get into the jumper ring or out on cross country, Rodney will have many winning virtues: stride, power, boldness. However, catlike agility will not be his go-to move. ‘Zippy little sports car’ will never describe him. Therefore, I had to work at staying supportive rather than laughing while he maneuvered his oversized carcass and hay belly through a series of 180o switchbacks. Yesterday, he did it on the first go, albeit with consternation evident on his face.

If your horse was an automobile, what kind would he or she be?

3 thoughts on “Ground Exercise 3: Weave Cones

  1. If my horse were an automobile he would be a ’57 Chevy. Even with a little age he’s still a classy ride.

  2. Spike is a Sherman tank. About as agile as Rodney, though in his case it’s not height but width that limits maneuverability! Genetically he’s a TB but he definitely aspires to dumb-bloodness. Did not inherit his mom’s Ferrari-like tendencies.

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