Ground Exercise 4: Plank

Work: PM heat therapy/walk, 1/4 of pasture

Set up: 24″ x 30″ plywood board.
Exercise: Stand on with both front feet.
Saturday was our first day with this.  As I suspected, he came right over to chew and paw.  With a modicum of convincing, he put one foot on & then both feet. Sunday, he walked up, plonked both feet down, and did his statue impression. I can think of many horses who would still be giving the plank the hairy eyeball. Rodney’s willingness to investigate new things gives me hope for his boldness should we ever make a cross-country debut. Future exercises with the plank will include rotating while keeping both front feet on it & possibly getting all four feet on it. Who knows, I may get him turning on the spot like an circus elephant.

What is the weirdest – while still safe – thing you have ever asked a horse to do?

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