Great Grays

Milton Horse & Hound recently ran Milton: 12 fascinating facts about our hero. Check out the first picture. That’s how horse should use his shoulders over a fence. Found courtesy of the Facebook page for Equestrian Legends – Book My favorite Milton quote from his biography: Sometimes I get so carried away on Milton IContinue reading “Great Grays”

Learning Styles

Crazy Opinionated Jumper Mare [pictured here and here] learned like lightning. She could scope out the height of an entire course as she trotted through the ingate. The only time I ever felt her unsure of a fence height was at an evening show. The ring was covered, the lights were low-power, and the sunContinue reading “Learning Styles”

The Relativistic Nature of Jumps

Many moons ago, I walked the cross-country courses for the Advanced at Ship’s Quarters and the USPC Nationals in the same weekend. The Ship’s Quarters course was substantial but not terrifying. Professionals on well-trained horses were planning to go bouncing about over piles of logs and have a lovely time. Mind you this was backContinue reading “The Relativistic Nature of Jumps”