Why Rodney Will Never Be An Outstanding Obstacle Horse

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.   We figured out why Rodney doesn’t like to be touched on the side. Well, my genius in-house diagnostician figured it out. I agree with him. Years ago, long before he came to us, Rodney was gouged in the side by a doorlatch. The resulting scar is gnarly-looking,Continue reading “Why Rodney Will Never Be An Outstanding Obstacle Horse”

Weekend Reports: The Physiology of Nerves

On the way to Saturday’s show [Report], my medical advisor dosed me with 200mg of caffeine, the equivalent of more than five 12-ounce Cokes (35mg each). Those who know me IRL are saying, “Why? For the love of all that is holy, WHY?!” I can be … perky. I am not an obvious candidate forContinue reading “Weekend Reports: The Physiology of Nerves”

Pondering Wrist Position

A common riding admonition is to keep a straight line from elbow to bit. Okay. What is straight? If I look down at my hands while riding, A is the one that appears straight. B feels straight. The answer, at least for saddle seat, is C. (A if driving.) When I combine this wrist positionContinue reading “Pondering Wrist Position”

Rodney’s Progress: Zirgs-prens

Rodney’s poop has changed. When he first arrived and for years, Rodney had enormous poops. Both the amount deposited and the size of the bolus. For those who might not have spent quite as much time contemplating the subject, horse manure is released as piles of semi-distinct rounded oblongs. Google horse manure if you needContinue reading “Rodney’s Progress: Zirgs-prens”