Horse Years

Mathilda will turn 30 this year. Since we don’t know her exact birth date, we have given her the Thoroughbred birthday of January 1 and declared her to have achieved that age.

I mentioned this to my Mom (waves hi). She asked how old that was in people years. This site says 85, which seems low. I’ve heard 4 horse-to-people-years as youngsters, tapering to 3 as the horse matures. This would put her in the late-90s to 120, which seems high.

To me, the emotional impact of “This horse is 30.” is equivalent to “This person is 92.” Give or take a year. A horse 40 would be a people 100.

Questions? Comments? Conversion rates of your own making?

BTW, the conversion site says I would be 18 in horse years. I don’t feel ready to be sold off as a schoolmaster.
Source of yesterday’s picture.

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My two ASHAA highpoint trophies from last weekend’s banquet [Awards].

One thought on “Horse Years

  1. I always learned the conversion was 7 years for the first foal year, then three years thereafter. Would make Matthilda 94, which seems appropriately geriatric.

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