Blades of Progress

At Exploratorium-style science museums, exhibits are full of buttons to push and levers to slide. Many of the displays work with optical illusions. Stare at the black dots on a white background until gray false dots appear in the interstices. A concave model of a face will appear convex. Lines misbehave. It’s all about theContinue reading “Blades of Progress”

A Sign of Progress?

Since Rodney’s back injury [Daddy Dearest] is directly under the front pressure point of a theoretical saddle, I continue to poke away at the accumulated scar tissue. Weekday therapy is heat [Therapy] and massage. On the weekends, Hubby flexes his he-man fingers of strength to break up adhesions. When we brought Rodney in Saturday night,Continue reading “A Sign of Progress?”

Foto Friday Furlough

Foto Friday will return when I repair/replace my camera(s). There’s one advantage to writing. In a pinch, you can use a crayon and a grocery bag. For photography, you really need the gear. Plus, I’m too beat from my lesson to come up with an alternative. It hurts to sit down. Unlike hunters/dressage, a fundamentalContinue reading “Foto Friday Furlough”