Foto Friday: Year of the Dog

  For today’s post, I had intended to labor mightily in the vineyards of art to produce a stunning, compelling, virtuoso photograph that distilled the essence of canine. Instead, you get a impromptu smartphone snap. Holding a leadrope and reading a book while your horse grazes shouldn’t wear one out. But it does. At least,Continue reading “Foto Friday: Year of the Dog”

Holiday: Rodney in Residence

What did Rodney do while Milton was gadding about the countryside [Milton on the Move]? He ate hay. This is huge. It’s huge because Rodney ate hay in the pasture, not in the stall. Until last weekend, we had been putting Rodney up while Milton was away. We didn’t want Rodney to spend the entireContinue reading “Holiday: Rodney in Residence”

Conference Report. Not. Long Version.

An expanded account of my cryptic Monday post [Short Version]. Earlier this spring, my friend Sunflower convinced me to take my blog more seriously. To that end, I signed up for Y’all Connect, a day-long blogging conference last Friday. I was excited. I was ready. I packed a stack of business cards. I printed aContinue reading “Conference Report. Not. Long Version.”

On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds

Lately, I have been spending free time with the horses. Not asking them to do anything. Not brushing them. Just reading while they graze in the field or loaf in the barn. The zen, yin, right brain, Dionysian side of me feels that I am learning about Rodney & Milton outside of their utility toContinue reading “On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds”