On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds

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Lately, I have been spending free time with the horses. Not asking them to do anything. Not brushing them. Just reading while they graze in the field or loaf in the barn.

The zen, yin, right brain, Dionysian side of me feels that I am learning about Rodney & Milton outside of their utility to me. That sitting peacefully without purpose tunes me to the energy of all things. That it is fun.

The productive, yang, left brain, Apollonian side of me is damn sure I am wasting time.

2013 On the Second Day Of Christmas: 2 Talking Steeds

5 thoughts on “On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds

  1. I used to do that a lot, especially with Chief. He’d graze but always stay within a certain radius of me, and when i got up, he’d walk to the gate with me.

  2. Sound lovely. I feel a bit regretful that my dogs and I get to hang out and just be. Knight and I have a specific agenda for our time together. Wish he was in my backyard so we could all four chillax together.

  3. I agree with your yang side. I’ve never felt comfortable doing nothing with the horses. I look on a good grooming session as ‘hanging out’ time and I can feel good about it because I”m doing something, even if it’s something unnecessary like grooming a horse that’s going straight back out into a mud paddock.

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