On the Second Day Of Christmas: 2 Talking Steeds

“You hold on with your knees,” said the Horse. “That’s the secret of good riding. Grip my body between your knees as hard as you like; sit straight up, straight as a poker; keep your elbows in.”

Horse and His Boy
by C.S. Lewis
[HarperCollins 1954]
p. 15

Heretofore, my instructors had explicitly told me not to dig my knees into the saddle. So, I always assumed that the author got it wrong as a non-rider. Turns out the Bree goes saddleseat [Part III, paragraph 2]. That would make sense for a noblemen wishing to ride long distances in style.

Bree talks about trotting two pages later, so he isn’t gaited.

Collected cover art.

Update for the non-horsemad: the second horse, Hwin, is introduced in Chapter 2. I assume the rest of you grew up wondering what it would be like to talk to Bree and Hwin. Or was that just me?

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