On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Three Hard Hats

3 hats borders

Three helmets. All purchased this year. That’s a lot of hat for someone who rides in a lesson once a week and shows once a month in school horse classes.

When I replaced my old hat, I bought a nicer one for showing and lessons [New Equipment]. Then, a schooling helmet for camp [Tweets]. Then, a more colorful hat for showing [Show Report].

My inner curmudgeon wants to kick up a fuss about this emphasis on the exterior. Doesn’t what I DO matter more than how I LOOK? However, that voice is drowned out by the squeals of my inner Pretty Princess getting her bling on.

DP princess full screen sized

Update: Illustration added once I got permission from the artist. By Jennie Breeden, The Devil’s Panties: It’s not Satanic Porn, thedevilspanties.com

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3 thoughts on “On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Three Hard Hats

  1. I still have my old, “mushroom head” hat. Don’t know why i’m holding on to it. Would need an updated helmet if i ever was able to ride again…maybe just save the cover and use it in a quilt or something.

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