Nap Update

Milton has been retiring to his contemplation chamber in the mornings [Naptime]. It continues to go well [SitRep].

Two weeks ago, we tested whether we could shorten the time with an eye toward eventually leaving him out 24/7. When asked to lunge, he moved with a choppy stride and behaved with an abundance of stupid.

Last week, we reverted to regular, or even extended, nap durations. At work, he regained his elegance of body and mind.

His leg? His belly? Our imagination? No idea. For now, Milton remains on a regular nap schedule.
Gratuitous Dog

Daisy belongs to family members in Pennsylvania. I’m told she alternates between being very, very laid back and a white blur against the landscape.

Daisy 1

Daisy 2

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Katherine Walcott

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