Foto Friday: Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds

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Katherine Walcott

Update: photo links from Meg

The Camera Forum – Joe McNally: The Rule of Thirds. Joe M.’s video is interesting because he discusses shooting in the field, in Mexico, shows excellent images, and also discusses Rule of Thirds with use of color. Very interesting.

Photography Mad – Rule of Thirds. This one explains w/ photos, for those don’t know about the Rule of Thirds, with paragraph at end to learn to break the rules, but a good explanatory site.

Annnnddd — how and when to break the rule of thirds:
Digital Photo Secrets – Breaking the Rules: Ignoring the Rule of Thirds

Images for breaking the rule – Google “breaking rule of thirds”, click “images”.

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3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Rule of Thirds

  1. Hi Katherine!


    Love your models too.

    And, great apologies for not getting a website about Rule of Thirds to you by now. It’s on my list — but I’ve been busy, and didn’t realize there was a deadline. Please let me know the next time, when you have a deadline for your blog. I need them — unfortunately.


  2. Thank you. The up ones were tough.

    No big on the link. When you get to it, I’ll add it as an update. I’m not always sure what I am going to run until the night before.

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