SitRep, Milton, January 2016

The boys continue to do nothing useful from the human point-of-view. From a horse perspective, their schedules are packed: taking mud baths, sleeping in the sun – when available, and eating huge amounts of hay. It’s winter. It’s a good time to do these things.

In some ways Milton has not changed with the new barn routine [Naptime]. He objects to being groomed. He beats up on Rodney [Reference Photos]. He is insanely protective of his meals. This is our second OTTB to be obsessed with food. Perhaps a remnant of time in the joint?

In other ways, Milton is hugely different. The bitterness is gone. He is friendlier. He moves better. We’ve gone from Why is he here? to Wow, check out that horse! We are likely to be amused by his antics rather than annoyed. Recently, we’ve both been known to sit in the barn and watch them, for no reason other than the joy of looking at two lovely horses.

Significantly, I have stopped crying every time I see him. Seriously. For the past year, I’d walk into the barn. I’d look at Milton. I’d cry. It’s been a happy little haven around here. I figured I hated myself for – oh, pick one – letting a good horse go to waste, being unmotivated, being useless, being a weenie, wasting the short number of days alloted to me, doing everything wrong, and on and on.

As soon as Milton’s naps started, my tears stopped.

I still kick myself in frustration, this wasn’t a miracle cure, but I haven’t cried in the barn since Milton started talking naps. I mentioned this phenomenon earlier [Positives]. Turns out that was a temporary reprieve while we had him on Bute. Drugs stopped; waterworks recommenced. Go figure. I haven’t a clue.

Gratuitous Cat: Percy

Percy 10 09 15 wm

9 thoughts on “SitRep, Milton, January 2016

  1. Katherine and Milton will figure each other out. Both are smart and basicly good inside (Katherine is completely good inside, Milton, not so much). He’s going to be a good one and she’s gonna have a lot of fun with him.

  2. Thought 1. I understand your father was a photographer. You certainly have his genes. Whenever you feel like you are wasting your days, are useless, etc., remember what an excellent photographer you are. The Percy on a Post is terrific. Keep working.

    Thought 2. Only children (no siblings) have impossibly high standards. Cut yourself some slack.

    Thought 3. Besides, what you are doing for the souls of these two two horses is building a stairway to heaven for your soul. It may not be what you wanted but may be what you needed…grow where you are planted, etc.

    Thought 4. You are special. They are special. There must be a reason.

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