Positives 12/1/15

Dr. Margaret [Meet] has asked that I keep a list of positive interactions.

Dr. Margaret: “Everything you feel is … good information.” [Show Tweets]
Me, before riding Rodney: I’m nervous.
Me, being level-headed: Okay, so what does that mean?
Me, BRR: I hate that I am nervous about riding my own horse.

So, it’s not just nerves. It’s the fact that being nervous pisses me off.

When Rodney backs off the the noseband [New] by the slightest amount, he doesn’t stop there. He scoots immediately & deeply behind my leg, thus explaining my unpleasant feeling of pitching forward. Identifying the problem is a small step toward taking control of my universe.

For non-riders, going behind the leg does not mean going backwards. (Although that can happen and is seriously unfun.) It has to do with how the horse is using his (or her) weight and energy. A horse behind the leg is not forward, not listening, not gathered into an athletic package ready for whatever comes next. I think. Corrections from riding theorists out there?

Nothing yet.

Lessons. Work. Packing for show. Traveling to show. Recuperating from show. Weather. Holiday weekend. Too may excuses for letting time slide away from me.

I have gotten to the point where I can pet on him without breaking into hysterics. Not a positive as much as lack of a negative.
Gratuitous Cat Pic



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