Perspective … Or Not

Saddle Seat Wednesday

NACHS sweatshirt front II

The title was of this post scheduled to be “Perspective, I Has It.” Only, I don’t. It’s been one month since Nationals. I am still uncalm about coming in Reserve National Grand Champion. [Report]

Oh sure, I can make all of the right noises. I was fortunate to have the chance to show. I rode well, which is the only part I can control. I held my own in a class that was larger and more competitive than last year. I nailed a pattern that people couldn’t believe was being asked of Academy riders. Second is nothing to sneeze at.

But dammit, dammit, dammit, I wanted to be National Champion.

I’m honestly thrilled about taking Reserve Champion in the first class on Sunday, the Pleasure Final. The woman who won had been untouchable all weekend. Coming second to her was like winning without the blue.

The woman who won the Equitation Final climbed from last on Friday to 7th on Saturday to 1st on Sunday (She was 3rd in the Pleasure Final). That’s what I did in 2014, except that I only made the leap from last to second. Three years, two levels, six finals, four gaudy Reserve Championship ribbons. It’s like they can’t bring themselves to give me first.

Yeah, I’m handling this well.

NACHS sweatshirt back II

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  1. This is a tricky one. I want to say something supportive, but “YOU WILL GET THEM NEXT YEAR!” doesn’t qualify, does it? So, I am stuck with the banal: I am sorry you are still feeling not so great about this. 😦

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