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Margaret Smith, PhD, of The Mindside, has been tasked with helping me sort out the screaming vortex that is the inside of my head.

I found The Mindside using stringent search tools, i.e. Google. It was the first hit. Any established and reasonably competent practitioner would have been fine. I am not complicated; nor are my problems.

The founder, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, says on the website:

The Competition does not define the athlete by the result of an event, rather it develops the person behind the athletic event.

Compare this to what I gleaned from Coach Courtney during my meltdown at Nationals:

It’s not about the ribbons; it’s about the journey. It’s not about meeting a goal. It’s about what you learn while trying to meet a goal.
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I took this as a good sign. Tomorrow, first appointment & first homework.

Update [First Appointment]

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