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For the first Saddle Seat Wednesday, a blog hop, originated by the $900 Facebook pony: the adventures of Henry and his human. Original post: Blog Hop: Top 5 Horse Show Essentials.

Since I am riding ASB school horses at shows, other people take care of remembering tack, feed, muck buckets, and other vital equipment. My only job is to present self in suitable condition to ride.

Tie-downs. These are the elastic straps that go under my boots to keep my pant legs from creeping up. Small and easy to forget. They have no parallel in my former riding life.

3 hats borders

Helmets. I bring three. Helmet rules differ from show to show. I have extras in case we develop a sudden need. How did I end up with three current helmets? Bought a replacement for one that aged out. Bought a schooling helmet to spare fancy one from regular use. Bought flashy blue one when I wasn’t getting noticed. Ended up changing from flashy to fancy at Nationals [Show Tweets]. On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Three Hard Hats

Glucerna drinks. Meal replacement for a person chronically unable to fend for herself. Someone said I was a stress-starver instead of a stress-eater. Yup, sounds about right. Although I have been know to forget meals on normal days as well.

Peppermints. Saddlebreds run on peppermints. While I maintain that horses are not kids [Rodney’s Mommy?], I have an inkling of grandparental behavior. I do not feed treats to my own horses, unless they have performed a task: come when summoned, open mouth for bit, ears up in a photo session, etc. At the saddle seat barn, I carry peppermints in my grooming box. Here, have a peppermint. Aren’t you cute. Here, have another.

Phone. Phoning home. Finding restaurants. Blog photos. Show tweets.

Comments on: "Top 5 Horse Show Essentials, Academy Division" (2)

  1. I have never been able to figure out how you can forget to eat.

  2. The mystery of being me.

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