Home Team Update, November 2015

So what have Rodney & Milton been up to? Nothing much.

I have been

1) Recovering. After two months of boot camp and three days of showing, some degree of letdown was inevitable. At one point, I rode seven days in a row: 4 days of double-set lessons, the Saturday group lesson, and the fun show on Sunday [Report]. At the show, I rode nine times in 4 days. Wonderful, but exhausting.

B) Exercising. Since I’ve been back, I have exercised most days, either swimming [Spring Fitness] or biking. I guess it’s good for me. I’m still waiting to hear from an endorphin.

Number for 2015
Number for 2015

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3 or C) Hiding my head in the sand. Despite my brave words earlier [Whither Now?], I am having trouble coming to terms with, on one hand, no desire to ride them, but, on the other hand, no desire let them be pasture ornaments. I respond to the conflict by ignoring it. I need to change this.

My amazing groom has been fiddling with the feed to see if there is more to do with Milton’s diet [Clean Cups!]. Different feeds means one horse eats in the stall. Since this was his idea, he has been shuttling in and out of the stall at meal times. I haven’t even been going to barn to feed.

Not good.

One thing I have learned, again, is how much I get done when I’m not fooling with horses. The barn is a time sink. I know this intellectually. Yet, I am always amazed when I see proof.
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3 thoughts on “Home Team Update, November 2015

  1. It’s always harder to work the ones at home. Guilt about the horse standing in his stall got me to the barn all but 5 days all summer – Now he’s home and I haven’t even brushed him this week. Just my 2p. Might be an idea to move one or both of your boys AWAY for a month and see if it jumpstarts the motivation?

    In addition – You are wanted and invited formally to continue showing saddlebreds. It’s fun! You probably already knew that, but sometimes a formal invitation is all that’s needed!

  2. Fairy godmother tough love: If you truly have no motivation to ride Milton, then by all means send him back to me. There are lots of horses out there who, through injury or age, have no option but to be pasture ornaments and would love a home where their every whim (except being ridden) is catered to. Milton, OTOH, is a young, sound, gorgeous Thoroughbred who has no reason not be a productive citizen. (I’m leaving Rodney out of the discussion because he is, well, special needs, and I can’t really opine as to whether he has a future as a riding horse at this point; I only know you feel he doesn’t.) I don’t know whether I really subscribe to the idea that horses can be “wasted”, but I have to admit at this point that you are making me go, “ARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!” Milton is such a lovely boy — please use him or find someone who will! Okay, tough love done now.

  3. Thank you for the concern. Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the La Brea Tar Pits around here. Nothing ever leaves.

    Thank you, also, for the invite. Saddle seat folks have been welcoming at every step. Far more than the hunter/jumper world would be to a converted saddle seat rider.

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