Show Report & Tweets: SSF Fall 2015

I am the points recorder for the barn. Since this show doesn’t count for year-end, I don’t have to hunt down the results. Therefore, I don’t have exact titles for my classes. I know the first one was driving; the cart gave that away. I know the third one was equitation; the pattern, ditto. Otherwise, I simply stayed in the ring until they tossed me out. Oh, three blues and a white. I know that.

Greg took home a red from the driving. He got out-horsed.

It was a home show. That means if one isn’t riding, one is on the go. I need a girth. Take this horse into Leadline. No, no, that horse does not wear that bridle (pause to shudder). It’s a bit of a blur.

Greg was also a bit of a blur. He knows his way around barns, so I leave him to it. When I looked around for him, he was usually in the thick of things: harnessing both horses for the driving class, washing paint off a costume class entrant, and so on. What a star.

Next stop, Nationals!

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