Evolution of a Pack Rat

Saturday before the fun show [Report], Coach Courtney sends a message asking if I have extra back numbers. She had 15. Needed 18. This was my answer:


That’s 21 numbers from three years of showing. Plus 5 more I found after the show for next year.

I’m too sentimental to toss my number immediately after a show. So, I heave it into the pile with other ASB stuff. (Yes, I have numbers from Previous Horse as well. Not all of them. Just the good shows. But I digress.) I didn’t keep track of which number went with which show. I might have kept my first number, if I knew which one it was. Some shows I would just as soon forget. It’s hard to feel pangs in the aggregate.

This is why I never throw anything out. If one waits long enough, the item turns out to be useful.


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