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This afternoon, I meet with a sports psychologist to start addressing my pre-competition jitters [Whither Now?]. I know the process is supposed to help, but right now it’s making me nervous all over again. I will have to rehash, and thereby relive, everything that makes my stomach hurt. This will probably spill out into the rest of my life. I don’t imagine horse show nerves happen in isolation.

The assist awarded to Tonya Johnston, an Equestrian Mental Skills Coach. I interviewed her a while back [post, clip]. Liked what she said. Ordered her book, Inside Your Ride. Liked what I read, before the book disappeared into my vast To Be Read pile. Her Facebook page has enjoyable & supportive posts. Sadly for me, she lives in California. I considered phone consults, but decided I wanted face-to-face.

I will report further once I discover what level of exposure the sports psych person wants. I have already warned the office that I will be blogging my thoughts. Yes, everything in my life becomes a blog post, sooner or later.

A note on current events: Guilt frequently derails me. Why worry about such petty issues when the world has much bigger problems? Not a helpful question, but one I find unavoidable.


Peace for Paris
by Jean Jullien

Peace for All
My Facebook feed made a point about uneven public reactions. Do you remember this? I have to admit I didn’t. Kenya attack: 147 dead in Garissa University assault, 3 April 2015, BBC.

Nor did this filter into my happy little bubble: Beirut attacks: Suicide bombers kill dozens in Shia suburb, 12 November 2015, BBC

Sigh. Go hug someone.

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