Taking Reference Photos

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Rodney and Milton had a pre-dinner scuffle over precedence. Rodney whacked his forehead, scraped the skin, and left a tuft of hair on the post. The barn opening is one of two and over 10 feet wide. This was a matter of poor planning on Rodney’s part. He’s fine. Hair loss, swelling, and much pitifulness, but no blood nor damage to significant bits.

Using my ever-present phone, I snapped pictures from various angles. This way we would be able to judge the progress of the swelling, have a reference if consequences developed, and use it as a comparison for similar injuries.

Meanwhile Milton stood around looking angelic. ‘Who me? Nothing to do with me, Boss. Nothing at all’

I have two questions. Why didn’t I think of this before? Does anyone else do this as a matter of routine?
Gratuitous Cat: Arthur

Arthur Jan 18 2016

3 thoughts on “Taking Reference Photos

  1. Don’t know why I thought of it now, but do you remember a Saturday morning cartoon called Milton the Monster Show? Don’t know how old you are, but thought I’d ask anyway. About the show, not your age,.
    Hope to have some ‘artistic’ letters to you soon.

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