Annual Awards 2015

Saddle Seat Wednesday

banquet 2016 letters

For the third year in a row, ASHAA High Point Academy Rider.

Technically, this year I was High Point ADULT Academy Rider. They split off the kids. Yay. Always happy to not beat up on children. This year, I was the only adult academy rider. However, I most likely would have bested all comers anyway. I show more than the average academy student and am the only one with points from both riding and driving.

As I’ve said before, it’s more of perseverance award than one recognizing my dazzling merit. I’ll take it.

Results: Me
Champion WTC Adult Showmanship
Champion WTC Adult Equitation
Reserve Champion Academy Driving
High Point Adult Academy Rider

I had a bit of a moment. They announced the first adult winner. Wasn’t me. Hmm, Well, I guess that person slipped past me at the shows. Then second. Not me either. What?! WFT? This is outrageous! This is … Oh. Adult Walk TROT. Ahem. Nevermind.

Greg was third in Academy Driving.

Results: Stepping Stone Farm
High Point Adult Academy
High Point Junior
High Point Amateur

High Point Academy Barn
High Point Performance Barn

Plus innumerable division awards in Academy & Performance.

Go Team!
2015 banquet for 2014 show year
Banquet Photos
Why I Ride by Katie Wood
Recursive Photography

Spotted with the SSF silent auction gift basket.
Spotted with the SSF silent auction gift basket.

2014 banquet for 2013 show year
Spotted at the Banquet
Silent Auction

Spotted with the Leadline awards.
Spotted with the Leadline awards.
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