Silent Auction

When I first go thru a silent auction, I put a few low bids on small, useful items. I’ll even put a ridiculously low bid on something fancy a) to start the bidding and b) in the off chance that everyone else at the banquet has lost their minds. The ASHAA awards banquet last weekend was no different. At a saddleseat function, small useful items included a hair bow that matched my vest (which I didn’t get) and a pair of jod straps (which I did). The larger item was a beginner watercolor set, which quickly went out of my reach. I came home with these:

auction jod straps
W Peas card trimmed

Saddleseat pants drag the ground when one is off the horse. Elastic straps gather the extra and keep it off the ground. Colorful elastic straps add a note of perky.

Then the bar opened. I don’t drink much these days. I decided to make an exception for the festivities. After that, I went along the auction table again. An item I admired was slowly climbing up by $5 increments. I laid down a bid with a large enough jump to shut up the other bidders. And this followed me home:

Dana's Doodle

It’s a framed print of Dana’s Doodles Saddlebred Horse Victory.

Drinking and bidding do not mix.

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  1. They always have drinks at silent auctions for just this reason… and it’s gotten me into trouble too!!! At least that print is super cute πŸ™‚

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