Mid-Week Rodney Report: Shoes

Rodney: New shoes! Feet feel much better! Yippeeee! Rodney is more inclined to gallop over for meals. Rodney: New shoes! My feet are weird! What? Rodney takes about a week to adjust to different. Sigh. He is willing, curious, and energetic. Quick? Not so much. __________________________________________________________________________ Gratuitous Stepping Stone Farm Dog

On the Fourth Day Of Christmas: 4 Custom Shoes

A while back I asked my blacksmith what constituted a good client: Someone with many horses and therefore much business? Someone whose horses have difficult but expensive shoes? Easy but low-paying shoes? Someone whose horses behave? All my horses learn to stand for the blacksmith, load on trailers, ground-tie for grooming, etc. I was hopingContinue reading “On the Fourth Day Of Christmas: 4 Custom Shoes”