Mid-Week Rodney Report: Shoes

Rodney: New shoes! Feet feel much better! Yippeeee!

Rodney is more inclined to gallop over for meals.

Rodney: New shoes! My feet are weird! What?

Rodney takes about a week to adjust to different. Sigh. He is willing, curious, and energetic. Quick? Not so much.
Gratuitous Stepping Stone Farm Dog

I, Corgius
I, Corgius

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Rodney Report: Shoes

  1. I notice from your Twitter feed you’re on a horse hunt too. I decided last week this summer (school’s out in a week) I’m going to find my next horse! It’s a fun thought, but also overwhelming. Eeeek.

    1. Fun. Overwhelming. Frustrating. Exciting. Wishing both of us luck in providing great homes for worthy candidates. I have a good feeling about this year … when I’m not in a funk. Keep me posted.

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