7 thoughts on “Pony Club Sins

  1. LOL. I was never in pony club (didn’t ride until late 20s) but I’m forever committing BHS sins (British Horse Society) so I know just what you mean.

  2. Guilty! Even as I have told my young rider to never work around her horse without paddock boots on, within the first 3 weeks of new horse ownership, both her dad and I had both ended up with broken toes due to improper footwear!!! At 7, she still saw the irony of the situation.

  3. On a recent #horsehour Twitter chat the subject of people wearing flip flops around horses came up. The general sentiment was that it was not a good idea. Ever. But sometimes when rushing around. . . things happen. :)I promise I won’t tell anyone.

  4. And from over on HayNet:
    “Naughty girl I say – with a guilty look!! …… ”

    Clearly, I have struck a cord. Lots of transgressions out there. Shame on us.

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