The Hunt Is On. Again.

Karmic balance at our house seems to be six cats, two dogs, two horses. If we have less, a candidate shows up. If we have more/try for more, something happens/we are unsuccessful. Now that June has arrived, let the horse shopping begin.

In May, Chief Minion was kind enough to suggest that we start looking right away. I wanted to wait a month to allow everyone to adjust to the new normal.

How we doing? None of us miss the work. Stalls: cleaning of, shuttling horses into and out of, buying shavings for. Booties on. Booties off. Extra meals. And on. And on. [Mathilda’s Schedule: Ladies Who Lunch]

Rodney was confused for the first week. He doesn’t come alongside a new idea terribly quickly. Grass 24/7 has eased his transition. As a herd animal, he will eventually need a companion. For now, he is enjoying being a bachelor without the burden of being a boy toy.

Chief Minion is doing better than I had feared. Given his medical training, he may have been more clear-eyed about what was coming than I was.

How am I doing? Fine. Never liked the mare. She never liked me. What’s to miss? Crying jags while reading unrelated Facebook posts are a complete coincidence.

Gratuitous Woodsy Spring

GPP spring 2014 wm

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