I’d Like Your Advice on Some Horse Buying Advice

My uncle, James Bunting, sent me a plan to approach buying a horse as a business project. He doesn’t know horses, but has built several business over the years. I have no doubt this advice is gold in the business world. However, I have doubts about how well this would apply to the horse world.Continue reading “I’d Like Your Advice on Some Horse Buying Advice”

Sudden Switch

Driving Thursday Switching in a hurry from driving to riding makes Alvin mad. The only time I have felt Alvin threaten to mutiny was at a Dixie Cup show when our riding classes immediately followed his driving class. In numerous shows, Alvin drove first and then was ridden a few classes later. He was fine.Continue reading “Sudden Switch”


Part 3 of 3 [Part 2: Hindsight] [Part 1: Clean Cups!] Did we keep plugging away at Milton’s issues from strength of character? Not really. We got stuck. Actually, I got stuck. My steadfast support staff maintained that it would work out. Partly in self-defense. He didn’t want to be living with me if itContinue reading “Perseverance”

So What Am I Going To Do?

Yesterday, I said I wanted to do it my way [So What Am I Waiting For?]. For better or worse, this is my way. RODNEY A snapshot of Rodney long-lining would be a perfect picture of a second (?) level dressage frame. The head is exactly where it needs to be. The nose is tuckedContinue reading “So What Am I Going To Do?”