Horse Shopping Jinx

You think I wish to be horseless*? It’s not my fault. The universe is out to get me. (*In contrast to lawn ornaments, of which we have a gracious plenty.) Fairy Godmother had found two barns near last weekend’s show. One looked promising. Genius plan, we will combine efforts. Instructor was already horse shopping forContinue reading “Horse Shopping Jinx”

To Ride or Not To Ride?

Hypothetical situtation. I am trying a horse for sale. Seller rides horse. I decide I do not want horse. Do I get on and ride anyway? Yes Anything is Possible: I could change my mind. Highly unlikely, particularly if the horse has physical issues, but theoretically possible. Learning: It would be good practice for meContinue reading “To Ride or Not To Ride?”

Horse Shopping: The Endless Loop

Going out to look at a horse today (Sunday 8/11/13). He is half-brother* to a horse I like, so fingers crossed. Possible scenarios: 1) WTF? Seriously? Do you have any idea how lame/burned-out/awesomely badly trained your horse is? At any price? Much less the thunderously astronomical price you are asking? Perplexingly, this is the situationContinue reading “Horse Shopping: The Endless Loop”

For The Look Of It

While I was looking for ASB sport horses, a young lady from the barn was trying out horses for her future saddleseat equitation mount. Let’s call her Princess C. Her Royal Highness had far more success in finding candidates than I did [Midwest]. Since I would not be buying the horse, riding the horse, norContinue reading “For The Look Of It”

Midwestern Mounts

Horse shopping trip last week. The first two horses were in Kentucky, but close enough to the border that the land was hot, flat, and Midwest-inspired. The second stop was in Indiana. Potential Horse #10: Chestnut, 4 year old, ASB gelding. Big, sturdy, sweet. A fabulous hunter for ASB Hunter Under Saddle. As with mostContinue reading “Midwestern Mounts”