Horse Hunt, 1 of 2

Went to look at two horses. Activity if not progress. Didn’t ride either one. Why ride once I’ve seen a deal-breaker? The first horse was a gorgeous palomino Quarter Horse. Not just yellow but a beautiful gold with flashy chrome. Not that I’m influenced by color, not in the slightest. Long legs. Nice build. LotsContinue reading “Horse Hunt, 1 of 2”

Support For A Wild Idea

American Saddlebred Sport Horse. Why not? I have been impressed with the friendliness and spirit of the saddlebreds I have met at Stepping Stone Farm. Even the ones too advanced for me to ride are friendly and interesting. At least it wouldn’t be yet another brown Thoroughbred, nor one more bog-standard European Warmblood. Yes, we’dContinue reading “Support For A Wild Idea”