Shop ‘Til You Drop

More whining. If I can’t whine at y’all, who else is there?

Several kind folks have found potential new horses. For this I am grateful. However, the idea of looking at prospects fills me with dread and ennui. Because:

1) I have already looked at nine horses this go round. Between WTF lamenesses and nice horses totally unsuited to my activities of choice, none were even close. I have not seen one worth a trial ride yet. In the beginning, I rode if the horse was even a remote possibility. These days I’m a lot quicker to say thank you for playing [Part II]. Every deadend makes me that much more reluctant to bark up another tree.

B) Previous Horse died in summer of 2009. That means I have been looking for a regular ride for four years. My optimism tanks runneth dry. I consider giving it all up and taking up … what? I have proven spectacularly unmotivated in the areas of charity work or productive industry. Given unoccupied time, I am likely to watch Castle reruns and eat cookie dough. Yet, wave a horse show under my nose and watch the fire return. [Lessons From BrickFair]

3 or C) I have already identified the horse I want to ride and show: a sharp-looking, talented, 17-hand Thoroughbred who takes our breath away when he canters across the pasture. Sigh.

I know, I know. Big world, small problem. I need look no further than yesterday’s post. Plus, I’m sure I will eventually fish or get off the pot. Right now, it’s wearing me down.

2 thoughts on “Shop ‘Til You Drop

  1. Watching Castle and eating cookie dough sounds about like my life some days, although I prefer Firefly and caramel. You are not alone, my dear. I am glad you have the Saddlebreds to keep you occupied.

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