Donation Strategies

Two recent horse-related misfortunes are using the Web to raise money.

In the first, a young lady was badly injured by a drunk driver. She will be away from the barn for a while. Supporters have set up a charity site specifically to cover the cost of caring for her horse: board, feed, farrier bills, etc. The thinking is that she has enough on her mind right now. Knowing that her horse will be taken care of will be one less worry for her as she recovers.

In the second, a farm lost many. many horses in a barn fire, including several breeding stallions. The word is being spread by Facebook. Individual tack shops have set up accounts for donations. When the time comes to replace bridles and buckets, the credit will be waiting for them.

Crowd-funding encourages small donations from many people. Both campaigns have tangible, limited goals. It will be interesting to see where this trend leads. Will friends, associates, and even strangers be willing to donate a bit here and a bit there? Or, as these become more common, will we start feeling nibbled to death, leading eventually to crowd-funding burn-out?

I have omitted specific details to avoid the appearance of advocating for either cause. I’ve donated. I assume the best of folks and try not to talk myself out of a kind gesture [Random Acts]. Since I do not know either situation personally, I don’t feel comfortable recommending what other folks do. If you are interested in the details, neither story is hard to find online.

3 thoughts on “Donation Strategies

  1. It is a great idea in theory, but as you have so rightly said, people start to feel a bit nibbled!
    Not a day goes by that someone or other is fundraising for something or other on Facebook. It has got to the point, that I don’t donate unless a very close friend is doing something, however much I may want to donate, because i wouldn’t have any money left!

  2. You are so right. And I’m also skeptical unfortunately of some. It’s hard to know what to believe these days and that makes me so sad. So I do donate but to people or groups that I know are legit and that touch me and that I know the money will really go to where it’s supposed to go

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