Random Acts

A while back, a horsewoman of my acquaintance was recounting a barn fire she had suffered several years previously. It was as terrible as you can imagine and worse. Take that as a given. The part that touched me was the aftermath.

The outpouring – cliche but there is no better word – of messages and emails was instrumental in pulling her out of the darkness and back into the light.

A stranger from another region of the country sent a bridle. Five years later, my friend still had wonder in her voice over this anonymous gesture of support.

The moral
When you are moved to do some small act of kindness, do it. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t think – as I have done – that your gesture is too small to matter. You may never know how it turns out. Chances are the kindness of your act will far outweigh the material benefit.

Go forth & do good.

Random acts of kindness you have done or received?

3 thoughts on “Random Acts

  1. Absolutely! Sometimes the act is just words or paying someone attention. I’ve heard from people years later or sooner about things done/said that I may have not thought much of. And same in reverse – I remember just as your friend does.

  2. One day I was pulling into my local super grocery store when I noticed a middle-aged man holding a sign that said “Will work for food.” In spite of the bad economy, you don’t see that kind of thing much around here. I went in, picked up a few things for myself, then went to the deli where I bought a whole roasted chicken and a whole bunch of trimmings. Then I went back through the store, picked out a bunch of basic staples and added them to another bag. Then I took everything out to the man holding the sign. He cried. I cried. Yeah ….

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